Plant of the Month JUNE - FOXGLOVES

With their tall spikes of beautiful, bell-like flowers, Foxgloves are a firm favourite for use in herbaceous borders and cottage gardens.

Loved by bees and other pollinators, Foxgloves are also a great choice for wildlife friendly gardens.

Foxgloves are often thought of as woodland plants and thrive best in dappled shade but will also grow happily in many conditions where light varies throughout the day.

Foxgloves most commonly come in shades of pink, but also lemon, pure white and rusty browns. They bloom for around 8-10 weeks from May - July. Keep the soil around them moist when planting. Once established Foxgloves will often seed themselves, with the young plants resulting, producing flowers in their second year.

At Morris's we have a lovely stock of Foxgloves, grown on site in our nursery.

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