Plant Of The Month - December - Cyclamen

A tuberous plant , originating in the Middle East/ Mediterranean areas, Cyclamen are a very popular winter flowering plant. It's easy to see why, with their range of bright jewel like colours Cyclamen brighten up any home during the dark winter months and they make great gifts. Although not frost hardy they can tolerate cool temperatures and will flower for a long time if you keep them in the right conditions.

Caring for your Cyclamen

While in bloom, keep the root ball moist and feed the plant every two weeks.  Keep the compost moist by watering in a tray and allowing the roots to take up the water rather than watering from above the plant which can lead to rotting. Remove yellow leaves and spent flowers.

Avoid placing them in very warm rooms as this can cause them to wilt and die - they are better kept in a cool place with an even temperature rather than big fluctuations of hot/cold. It is essential to protect from frost but the hardier bedding plant varieties can tolerate lower temperatures.

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