Planning your garden

Late Winter can be an ideal time for planning your garden when the structure of the garden is bare of leaves and all but the hardiest of flowers. We have had a late cold snap early in March with freezing temperatures and snow,  making tasks in the garden difficult. However, when hiding indoors from the horrible weather it can be fun to make plans for your garden for the year ahead.

What are you planning for your garden for 2019? Digging out and planting a new herbaceous border or rose bed or revamping an existing one? Growing vegetables and fruit? Creating an impressive display of hanging baskets and bedding plants? Raising your own plants from seed in your greenhouse? Planting a special tree? Designing a herb garden? Laying down a new lawn from seed? Creating an area to attract wildlife? Installing a pergola, hedging, paving or fencing? Plants for containers on your patio or to brighten up a backyard? A large landscaping project involving trees and other structural planting? Whether your garden is large or small or your design tastes are traditional or modern, the possibilities are endless.

The Plants Section on this website has lots of resources to help you with planning your garden including:

Sections on all the main plant groups

Tips on choosing and growing different plants and lists of the main ones we stock at Morris's of Usk.

What Plant Where?

Planning different areas of the garden by choosing the right plants to suit the growing conditions e.g. what plants prefer shade, dry or moist conditions, clay soils, acid soils. Tips on checking your soil type so you can select your plants knowing they will enjoy their new home and flourish.

Gardening for Wildlife

How to make your garden a haven for wildlife.

Garden Calendar

Key tasks to do in the garden at different times of the year.


All of the above will help you get started with your garden plans for 2019 but if you have any questions our knowledgeable staff at Morris's of Usk will be happy to help you.

We also have all the plants, seeds, compost, tools, and other equipment and materials needed in store to create your dream garden. All our bedding plants are grown on site in our modern glasshouse ensuring our customers get excellent value and top quality plants!

So even if you can’t get outside to work on your garden because it's too wet or cold, there's still a lot you can do!

Get planning your garden right now!

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