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Caring for your Christmas Tree

How to keep your lovely 'real' Christmas Tree in tip top condition for all of the Christmas festivities. Cut trees Buy a freshly cut tree. A tree that has been freshly cut will last far longer than one that has been cut and stored for weeks and transported long distances to large retail outlets. At Morris's all our real trees are locally grown and freshly cut. When you get your tree home, use a handsaw to cut a small section (about 1-2 inches)  off the base of the trunk so the tree can take up water more easily. Use a
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Wild Bird Care in Winter

Wild Bird Care in Winter Why do birds need extra food in winter?   During cold months, wild birds need a helping hand to find enough food to keep them warm. In winter there are less natural foods available and shorter days mean there is also less time to forage. As a result of this, wild birds often lose a substantial proportion of their body weight (up to 10%  in just one day) from November to February. February can be a particularly hard month as by then a lot of natural foods in hedgerows like berries have already been eaten and
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Plant of the month – October – Pot Chrysanthemum

Plant of the month october - Pot Chrysanthemum Potted Chrysanthemums (also known as Pot Mums), remain a firm favourite with our customers. Did you know that they are not only happy indoors but can also be used provide a lovely splash of Autumn colour outdoors on patios and in borders. They will flower happily outdoors in pots and containers until first frosts. We have a lovely selection of quality home grown pot mums at Morris's, guaranteed to brighten up your home or garden this autumn. Caring for your Pot Mum​ Place it where it will get plenty of light. Water
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