Plant of the Month – May


The exotic, pendulous flowers of the fuchsia, have had a lasting appeal with gardeners since they first became popular in Victorian times.

Growing fuchsias

​Fuchsias may be deciduous or evergreen depending on their variety and growing conditions. There are tender and hardy varieties. Fuschsias are very versatile, growing happily in most soils in sun or semi shade. Choose a position that offers shelter from cold, drying winds.These hard working shrubs will flower virtually all summer long, filling borders, beds, window boxes, hanging baskets and patio containers - in fact, they will bring colour to almost any position that you can think of.

Fuchsias come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something to suit every garden no matter how large or small.

Trailing fuchsias

Perfect for hanging baskets and patio containers.

Upright / Bush fuchsias

Bushy rounded shrubs which are ideal for growing in borders and patio containers.

Climbing fuchsias

Some fuchsias have a very rapid growth habit and long, lax stems that makes them ideal for training onto large obelisks or tying-in to walls and fences for a spectacular vertical display. We have a lovely range of 'tower fuschias' in stock at Morris's which will give you a spectacular vertical display this summer.

Standard fuchsias

Upright or bush fuchsias can be trained as standards which make superb specimen plants for patio containers.

We have a wide range of fuschias in stock at Morris's so whether you are looking for a single specimen plant or ​fuschias to add to a hanging basket we are sure to have something to suit your needs.

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