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Plant of the month – June

DahliaThe Dahlia is a native perennial plant of Mexico related to sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum, and zinnia.​Their striking blooms mean Dahlias are a great plant for creating an instant summer display mass planted in borders, or as feature plants on patios and in pots and containers. They make great cut flowers and gardeners often grow them […]

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UGC Blog header Plant of The Month May

Plant of the Month – May

FuchsiasThe exotic, pendulous flowers of the fuchsia, have had a lasting appeal with gardeners since they first became popular in Victorian times.Growing fuchsias​Fuchsias may be deciduous or evergreen depending on their variety and growing conditions. There are tender and hardy varieties. Fuschsias are very versatile, growing happily in most soils in sun or semi shade. […]

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UGC Blog header Plant of The Month Month

Plant of the month – April

PerennialsAlso known as Herbaceous Perennials and Hardy Perennials these plants die back every winter then grace our gardens again in the spring right through to the autumn. Old favourites like Lupin, Foxglove and Delphinium provide height, colour and texture and come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colour.They can provide ground cover, encourage wildlife, […]

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UGC Blog header Plant of The Month Month

Plant of the month – March

Azalea​Azaleas are beautiful shrubs with striking spring flowers and make wonderful feature plants. Azaleas belong to the same plant genre as rhododendrons but tend to be smaller and more compact. This makes them more suitable for use in smaller gardens and as part of border planting. They can also be grown in large containers on […]

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UGC Blog header Plant of The Month Feb

Plant of the month – February

Rhododendron​Rhododendrons are striking shrubs with spectacular spring flowers and make wonderful feature plants. Many varieties can grow very large so you need to allow space when planting these, but more compact and dwarf varieties are available for smaller gardens.Originally native plants of the Himalayas, China and Japan, rhododendrons favour growing in acidic soils. Ideally choose […]

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UGC Blog header Bird Care Feb

Wild Bird Care in Winter

Why do birds need extra food in winter?During cold months, wild birds need a helping hand to find enough food to keep them warm.In winter there are less natural foods available and shorter days mean there is also less time to forage. As a result of this, wild birds often lose a substantial proportion of […]

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Copy of Morris's Slider Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

Our annual stock of lovely seed potatoes has just come into store at Morris’s. Potatoes are a staple food in the UK and are naturally a gardener’s favourite for growing in vegetable patches. It is exciting digging to reveal those first new potatoes of the year and the taste of them cooked straight out of […]

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UGC Terrace pic

Planning Your Garden for 2017

Winter can be an ideal time for planning your garden when the structure of the garden is bare of leaves and all but the hardiest of flowers. We have had a very mild but also very wet winter making the ground water logged and difficult to carry out any winter tasks in the garden. When […]

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